All in comfort, organic.

Launched in 2011 Divinextases® is the 1st organic and Made in France brand of erotic cosmetics.

Quality First.

Divinextases® offers you organic compositions based on noble materials , so that each product contains the best of plants to maximize the sensual effects and guarantee you the purest formulation.

Our products are 0% water and 0% silicone unlike those on the market.

Our engagements

"With essentials and creations, Divinextases helps you explore all facets of your sexuality with products that respect you."

Frederic, Founder of Divinextases.


For a real feeling of comfort.

Divinextases products are developed in such a way as to provide you with maximum comfort during use.

A pleasant texture, which hydrates and does not stick, soothes, accompanies all your desires and increases your sensations tenfold.

Our Lubricants

Our Oils 🌿

  • Healthy products

    We work with experts to create products that respect your body for maximum comfort.

  • Committed brand

    Divinextases is 0% Paraben, PEG, phenoxyethanol, palm oil, alcohol, coloring and perfume.

  • Transparency

    We are transparent in our communication and our production process.

  • Marque reconnue

    All Divinextases packaging is recyclable and eco-responsible as much as possible.

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